Unorthodox Songwriting

Unorthodox Songwriting

Songwriting can be very difficult when you have no ideas in mind. On the other hand, it can be overwhelming when you have lots of ideas. If you have no ideas, you feel like you are stuck. You start getting frustrated and pressure starts to build up. You start to feel that sense of failure. When you have so many ideas, it’s hard to piece them all together. There are so many possible ways to put a song together. You feel stuck because you don’t know which idea fits best with your song. In any case, there is one thing that can help you finish a song. It is an unorthodox method that can help you achieve the perfect song.


Songwriting Fundamentals


Before you begin to write a song, you need to learn and understand a few basic fundamentals of songs and songwriting. Songs could be compared to paintings. Just like artist use paint and color to create an image on a canvas, musicians and songwriters create images with songs. Artist use a canvas to deliver their image. Musicians and songwriters use songs to deliver their image. Artist use brushes to paint their image. Musicians and songwriters use lyrics to paint the image. Both artist and musicians alike have the common goal to tell a story with their image. An artist uses color to give an image detail in order to help the viewer understand the story being told. Musicians and songwriters use words to add detail to their story. Music and songs can be more than just sounds thrown together. Songs help the musician or songwriter portray their story. We all have a story to tell. Some paint their story on a canvas. Musicians and songwriters use music to tell theirs. You should ask yourself the following questions. What is my Story? What do I feel strongly about. What Message do I want to give the world? Who is my audience? How do I want the audience to react? These questions are important because they will show you what your song will be about. Knowing the answers to these questions will serve as guidelines for writing your song. They will help you tell your story. Songwriting is poetry delivered in a more artistic form. Word choice will be important. You should expand your vocabulary. Use words that engage the listener. There is no need to over do it. You don’t have to use large complex words like “antidisestablishmentarianism,” but you are encouraged to use creative words. Instead of using the phrase, “pay attention to what I am telling you,” try using the phrase, “Heed the words that I am offering.” This is a basic example. Spend time writing down fancier ways of saying common phrases. This will help add detail to your songs.


Unorthodox Generating


There was a point in my music career when I had no ideas for over a year. I felt so frustrated because I would sit in my room and try to force myself to come up with a song with no luck. The more I forced myself to write something, the more it felt like I was actually losing my creativity. Not long after, there was a moment when I started to get many ideas. I started to carry a notebook around with me because I would get an idea for a verse or chorus throughout the day. The issue I had was that every phrase I wrote down was completely different. It seemed like every phrase belonged to a song of its own. I’m pretty sure that if all those phrases would have been turned into complete song lyrics, I would of had over 100 possible songs. I tried seeking help. I asked other musicians. I searched online. Nothing seemed to be working for me. I realized that I would have to figure out my song writing situation on my own. For over 10 years, I have been developing this songwriting method without being aware. The process is simple. The only down side to my process is that it takes some time and requires a lot of faith in yourself. Once you figure out how the process applies to you, it becomes very easy to follow.


Refresh your process


Step 1: Start From Scratch – whether you have ideas or not, it helps to start off with a clean slate.

Step 2: Figure Yourself Out – Who are you without talents? If you feel like your life is pointless and boring without music, that is a sign that you need to start living your life. Literally, forget about music and go focus on yourself. Build confidence and believe in yourself. Try new things. Find activities that give you an adrenaline rush. Hiking helps influence self discovery. Skydiving Gives you inner peace, ironically in the most dangerous moment of your life.

Step 3: Record New Material – if you took the initiative to move up in life, congratulations. Now you have new, refreshing material for your Song. write about the new adventures you went on.  

Step 4: Be patient – you have new material because you had a change in routine. Your mind changed gears. It was finally was able to rest from trying to process songwriting material. Because your mind is refreshed, it will start generating melodies. Wait for a melody to hit you when you least expect it. The music you write when you least expect comes naturally from your inner self. It is not forged. It is not forced. It comes to you naturally. This is what you want. This is the pinnacle of songwriting.

Step 5: Mix Down – when you feel like you have enough material to finish a song, do it. Pick up your instrument and just play what you feel. Let it flow from you. You will be surprised of the results. Your spontaneous songwriting material will show you what you are capable of.



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