The Only Voice

The Only Voice

The human voice is one of the most unique instruments we have. It is a natural instrument. The amazing thing about the human voice is that no two voices are the same. Each and every single voice is completely different. Vocals are like fingerprints in audio. Some people are born with the ability to sing naturally. Others need to develop a singing voice. Then there are those who can’t sing at all. In any case, it is important to realize that your voice truly is unique. If you have a passion for singing and plan on pursuing a singing career, you have to take care of your voice as much as you can.


Care for your voice.

Your instrument is your voice. If your voice gets damaged, it will cost you. Unlike musical instruments, you don’t have the luxury to go to a music store and buy a new one. Once your voice gets damaged, you will no longer be able to sing. There are cases where people rehabilitate their voice back to their natural singing health. In most cases their voice has been altered in some way. If singing is your only instrument then it is very important that you do everything in your power to protect it. You should start by breaking bad habits. Don’t drink beverages that will damage your vocal cords, throat, or health. Soda, for instance, causes your throat to become very sticky. The acidity of soda also damages your teeth. Alcohol and other beverages cause your throat and mouth to become very dry. If your vocal cords become dry you get an increase of friction. Friction in turn causes your vocal chords to become irritated. Warm water is recommended for singers. Our bodies are naturally warm. Warm water helps lubricate your vocal cords. You can also help protect your voice by keeping warm. During cold days cover your neck with a scarf or a large jacket. Muscles tend to contract and tighten in lower temperatures. Stay relaxed as well. If you are tired and out of breath it is more difficult for you to hold notes longer. Try not to yell or scream. Screaming causes your vocal cords to vibrate violently. If you feel like something will affect your voice in a bad way, it’s best to not do it.


Warm up often

It is very important to warm up your voice before you start singing. Warming up as a singer is as important as musicians tuning their instruments. Vocal cords are muscles. Like every other muscle in our bodies, if you don’t warm up you have a higher risk of getting fatigued. Warming up seems embarrassing at times. It is better to be embarrassed for a couple of minutes than to be voiceless for the rest of your life. Vocal exercises help you prepare your vocal chords. They help make your voice stronger, smoother, and cleaner. One thing that singers forget when warming up is their lips. It is vital that you exercise your lips as much as you warm up your vocals. Your lips help pronounce words and phrases. Your lips are part of your voice. The tongue also plays an important role in  your singing. Your tongue helps define certain accents and pitches. All these parts work together to create your voice. Exercise each one of them individually. You should exercise each equally. Spend 5 minutes on each of them. Try signing up and down 1one or two octaves. Try creating popping noises with your lips to strengthen and clarify your words. Shake your tongue at different speeds to help increase fluency. The more you warm up, the easier it is for you to snap into your singing voice.

Focus on your voice. Warm up as often as you can. Take breaks. Rest. Drink plenty of water. Stay calmed and relaxed. Remember that there is no other voice like yours. If a certain warming exercise doesnt work dont panic. Try different processes. Find something that works for you. Try coming up with your own ways of warming up. Your voice is the only voice you have. You can’t change it or trade it for someone else’s voice.You can only develop it. Embrace it. Accept your voice and use it to its full potential.


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