The Art Of Silence

The Art Of Silence

I grew up in a damaging church. There was no warm feeling. It didn’t feel like a family. It definitely didn’t feel like a house of God. Some days felt like a burden. The church was dead. God could not be felt. I spent thirteen years of my life at this church. I saw so many people come and go. I sometimes wonder why I stayed for so long.


I received a word of advice that I live by every day. It came from one of my first worship leaders. I had so much respect for this gentleman. He was very humble. He was a servant to all. He was a man of God. He was the only one at this church that actually cared. He believed in me. He opened so many doors for me. He invested in me. I was given so many opportunities because of his faith in me.


When I started out, I was a reckless trouble maker. I really knew how to push people’s buttons. I was that one kid that was alway in trouble. I sat in the pastor’s office more times than I can count. I was in the worship team. The worship leader pushed me to pick up music. Unfortunately, my ADHD wasn’t on my side. I was too active. I always had to be doing something. The pastor only saw my flaws and random acts of rebellion. I was humiliated so many times. I wasn’t able to play in the worship team for months at a time for a little mistake that I did. I felt attacked. I didn’t feel any support. The worship leader was completely different. He saw the greatness that I was capable of becoming.


I wanted to fight back. I wanted to tell everyone off. I wanted them to know how I really felt inside. The more damage they did to me, the more I wanted to cause problems. I had a stubborn mentality. I had no discipline. I had trouble controlling my emotions. I was driven by rage and regularly had outburst of chaos. I walked down to the end of that road. I was so disappointed. I only found fault and blame. I really was the failure they claimed. I was labeled as a lost cause. I remember feeling so distraught.


Everything changed with one word. My worship leader pulled me aside. He took the time to sit down and talk to me. I had one adult in my life that actually cared. He told me to stay quiet. He went on to explain what he had just said. When he first told me to stay quiet, I thought it felt very counterintuitive. I thought that talking back and trying to justify myself by any means necessary would help me change people’s minds. I was wrong. He was right. Staying quiet is the best advice I ever received. He told me to let them talk all they want. Its ok if they doubt you. Their opinion of you doesn’t matter. God is the one who matters. You might be a failure in the eyes of the church. You are a leader in the eyes of God. God holds a higher purpose for you. Stay quiet and just go along with their rants. You will not change their minds with words but with actions. Instead, endure the lecture of doubt now and enjoy the reward of success later. If they say you are not capable, don’t correct them. Show them that you are capable. Make reasonable decisions. Act on your potential. Focus your energy on the things that you are good at. You know yourself. They don’t know you. They think very lowly of you. Prove them wrong with your actions. Use the talents that God gave you and build them up. You are very capable of beating statistics. You are very capable of being a leader. You are going to make it. You are going to become a great leader. God will lift you up. Give all your frustrations to him. He will take care of the rest.


Stay quiet and go along with the doubt that people give you. Talking back is not going to help. Be the better person by taking action. Do the opposite of what others believe. You are capable of becoming a leader. Focus on yourself. They will end up last and you will be on top.


Matthew 20:16


“So the last will be first, and the first will be last.”

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