Strymon At NAMM 2018: My Favorite Booth!

Strymon At NAMM 2018: My Favorite Booth!

Four days is not enough time to walk the NAMM show room. NAMM is a music wonderland. There is so much to take in. NAMM is the place where one can find what they are looking for when it comes to the music industry. It is the place where musicians can collaborate and exchange knowledge. It is a musical tank of information. It can also be the place where a musician can bond with his gear. As you make your way through the crowded halls of NAMM, you find the brands and companies you love and trust. One outstanding company that believes in your unlocked creativity is Strymon (Damage Control Engineering LLC).


Strymon is a company in southern California that manufactures guitar pedals that are intended to help you, as a musician, expand and express your creativity. They have created award winning guitar effect pedals that are very popular among the guitar player community. Their flagship pedals include the Timeline, Big Sky, and Mobius. These pedals are very solid and reliable. This pedal trinity alone is able to create breathtaking soundscapes. If you have the chance to own any one of these pedals, keep them close.


There are hundreds of booths at NAMM. I’m always overwhelmed to see so much diversity from booth to booth. My day at NAMM is not complete until I visit my favorite booth. I always get this jolt of excitement as I approach the Strymon Booth. Those who have been fortunate enough to pay Strymon a visit at NAMM know they are always in for a treat. Strymon displays all of their effect pedals in different configurations. They set up unique stations with varying pedalboards. They also include analog synth stations for the synth lovers.


Guitar player configurations include a small pedalboard offering their Timeline, Big Sky, as well as El Capistan, Flint, and Riverside Drive. Their larger pedalboards offer the Timeline, Big Sky, and the Mobius. These larger boards always include most of their smaller pedals such as the DIG, Deco, and the Blue Sky. Of course, all of their stations are powered by their reliable Zuma or Ojai power supply units. Each station has a unique signal chain. They try to give NAMM attendees variation so they could have the most fulfilling demo experience possible.


Synth lovers are welcomed at the Strymon booth as well. Each synth station has a semi-modular synth with a small keyboard controller. Strymon also throws some of their time based effects into the signal chain. Some of the stations are displayed along with the Blue Sky and El Capistan. They also provide patch cables so the user can patch away. Just a couple of minutes at one of these stations and you are sure to enter the unknown.


You can unleash your creativity at the Strymon booth. Every station is designed with your creativity in mind. That is what gives Strymon a loyal following. Strymon is a brand you can trust. They keep innovating with each new pedal release. If you really like experimenting with your signal, check out Strymon. They have a pedal for every musician. Whether you play guitar, or dabble with synths, Strymon will help you create lush sounding effects. A link to Strymon’s website has been listed below. Don’t forget to check out their new creation, Magneto!


LInk to Strymon’s website:


Link to Strymon Magneto:


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