Songwriting Or Music Composition?

Songwriting Or Music Composition?

There is no right or wrong way to write a song, but it is easier to write lyrics when you already have your music as a reference. Songwriting is an art. Not everyone can write lyrics. The point of songwriting is to paint a picture to convey a feeling using parables and phrases. There is more to songwriting than just basic words and lines. There has to be an intimacy between the artist and the audience. People need to be able to connect with your lyrics to understand your song. You need to deliver the right words to get the proper reaction from the audience. Their response will determine the quality of your lyrics.


It is easier to write lyrics when you already have music you can use. Trying to match pre-written lyrics with music can be quite difficult at times. Sometimes the lyrics do not match with the length of a song. For example, you can have a verse that is too long for the music. Maybe your words are too small to match the speed of the song. When you have music already composed, you can identify the type of lyrical pattern you will need. When you play the music you can get a glimpse of how the lyrics will play out. Since you are familiar with the music, you know that you have a constant structure. You are aware of the tempo changes and you can identify the different parts.


One thing to identify when you first compose a song is the song structure. This includes finding the chorus, verse, bridge, and any other segment of a song. Figure out the time signature of the composition and determine the length of each part. Figure out the length of every bar. Once you have figure out these things, you can use them as a template for your lyrics. You can start finding words or phrases that can be used in each part.


You can write lyrics and add music later. This is more challenging, but it can still be done. One thing that could help if you intend to write songs in this manner is to start a music composition library. It would be easier and much more efficient for you to find music that fit your lyrics. Play each musical composition one by one and try singing along with your lyrics. Find one that best suits you. Once you have made a match, simply put them together and make a quick recording of it.


The best way to write a song is to make your own process. Try out different ways and see which one fits you best. Take your time when you write lyrics. Make sure you write meaningful lyrics that people can connect to.

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