Social Media Initiative

Social Media Initiative

Church attendance has dropped significantly at my church. I remember when our services hosted around 70 people. For a few months I only saw an average of 10 people per service. There have been times where the worship team ministered to empty chairs. This made me really upset. I know that I was part of the problem because I wasn’t active. Seeing this decay really changed my perspective. I had this longing in my heart to build up my church.


I decided to use my creativity and passion for the arts to create new social media accounts for my church. This would allow my church to have an online presence and easily reach out to new people. Social media really makes it easy to share something with others. Great content will attract more engagement and in turn will promote growth. Here is everything I did to create an online footprint for my church. Use this as a guide to help you create new social media accounts for your church plant.


1. Selecting your social media platform.


Although social media is a useful resource for new church plants, not every platform will be relevant to your ministry. Take a moment to consider the effectiveness of each platform and choose the most promising one. Youtube is the best platform for sharing videos. Posting on Youtube requires hard work, more time, and high quality content. Instagram is a great platform for sharing photos. Posting your captures on Instagram will allow you to reach a large audience by using hashtags. This also helps you find a relevant audience. Despite all the new social media platforms that are emerging today, Facebook still remains dominant in the industry. Facebook has its benefits as well as its drawbacks but overall is a great starting point for any serious church. There are other platforms such as twitter and Snapchat that you might want to consider. These platforms are very modern but could aid your church in reaching more people. For the purpose of my church, I decided to create a YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook account. Our church has the equipment to create HD quality videos. We have great lighting and stage design to capture for Instagram. Alot of our members use Facebook already which allows us to share content with them easily.


2. Consistency across platforms.


The most important thing to understand about social media is consistency. Being consistent will really up your social media game. Let’s start with presentation. You want your accounts to be easily searchable on any platform. To make this easy, create a username that is available on all your platforms. One username is easier to remember and it makes it very easy for members to discover you. Another thing to keep in mind is your logo. Make sure to use the same logo across all your social media platforms. Just like your username, using the same logo will help your audience identify your account instantly. Make sure to use a high quality logo with relevant colors. Every church has a different logo so I wont get into too much detail, but you want to choose colors that are easily visible and clear. The last thing to keep in mind is quality. Make sure you post high quality content across all platforms. This improves engagement and motivates your audience to interact with your church. Attention to detail is very important. This shows your audience that you care. Remember that consistency equals compensation. Posting regularly across all your platforms will help sell your church to your audience and show them that you are serious about their engagement.


3. Maintenance.


As I mentioned before, social media requires work. It is a commitment. This doesn’t mean you have to be on social media 24/7, this simply means that you have to be willing to invest the necessary amount of effort to see results. Make sure you respond and engage your audience as soon as possible. You are likely to improve your engagement if your audience sees you interacting with them. It is very important to view and understand your account analytics as well. Understanding this data for your social media accounts will help you use social media more effectively. Figure out when are the best times for you to post and use your social media accounts. Work on new content during your down times. This ensures that you have fresh new content ready to go when your peak prime hours come around. It is very important to review your account data and information. Make sure your audience knows how to get in touch with your church. Review your bios and about section. These areas help viewers know who you are and what your focus is. 


4. Effective Purpose.


By now you should have a general idea on how to create and operate your new social media platforms. However, this final step is very crucial to the long term success, not only of your social media accounts, but of your church plant as well. You need to have a long term plan for your social media accounts. Without a goal your post become irrelevant very quickly. If you are using social media to promote your church then make sure you post content relevant to that purpose. If you’re using social media to keep your congregation informed then make sure you post content that they will understand. Posting random content is ineffective and could hurt your audience engagement. 


Follow these tips as a guide to help your church plant get started on social media. Every church has a different vision. It is important for you to portray that vision through your social media platforms. Understand that social media should be a tool to help your ministry grow. Stay up to date on the latest social media trends and adapt your tactics to stay relevant. Finally, I encourage you to start a new account and see what social media could do for your church plant. Don’t forget to pray for guidance and always stay in communication with your Pastor or Leaders to direct your social media in the right direction.


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