Small Churches Need Audio Engineers

Small Churches Need Audio Engineers

I have gone to multiple small churches to help with their music and audio needs. Although every individual church has a different setup, there is one common similarity that i have seen. Most, if not all the churches i have gone to do not have an Audio Engineer. In this article, i want to go over some reasons why an Audio Engineer would be beneficial and hope to encourage churches to start pursuing Professionalism in both worship and sound.

What is an Audio Engineer?

audio-1839162An Audio Engineer is a person who alters, controls, designs, creates, or manipulates audio through the use of audio equipment, outboard gear, effects, and other forms or devices. Audio engineers are able to achieve a clean sound in almost any situation. It is important to keep in mind that there are different types of audio engineers. There are recording engineers, post production engineers, live sound engineers, sound design and folly engineers, audio producers, audio technicians and a few other engineers that are specific to certain areas in the music business. Although all these engineers have a specialty, they can still achieve the same results.

What are the benefits of having an Audio engineer at a small church?

occur-376803Audio engineers control the entire sound. They can clean it up and deliver a beautiful worship experience. One of the things that most engineers tend to do naturally is find a solution to a problem. In a fast paced, high pressure environment, audio engineers need to get the service going. Audio engineers at church always give tips and tricks to help the worship band improve. They keep constant levels and check up on musicians that are a little off. Because the music industry is constantly changing, audio engineers have to stay up to date on the latest music trends. Therefore, most, if not all audio engineers are very knowledgeable when it comes to music, instruments, and audio equipment. Unlike most musicians, audio engineers tend to stay out of trouble and keep to themselves behind the console in their little corner. lead-singer-455750Every audio engineer has a little trick or secret up their sleeve. This is a very important part of an accomplished audio engineer. Audio engineers learn very quickly as it is required in the audio business. During all the trials and errors, we learn our trade secrets. Our most powerful skill or knowledge is gained during the worst case scenario. Audio engineers can save you money on the next big music purchase. In the long run, a good audio engineer will keep the sound quality and audio equipment in top shape.

Where can I Find an Audio Engineer?

occur-376805Audio engineers are very interesting when it comes to working with them. When you need one, it is very difficult to find them, but when you don’t need one, there is an abundance of engineers. One of the easiest ways to find an engineer is to ask a musician. Most musicians have a connection to or with an audio engineer. One can also train an individual and invest in them over time. Of course, this takes a little longer and cost a bit, but overall, it is a good long term investment. Thanks to the internet, you can post an ad to find an audio engineer. One can also search up audio engineers looking to help out. As a church, prayer should be used to ask God to bring an audio engineer that will be of a blessing to the church. If for some reason an audio engineer is not found, there are other alternatives. Thanks to youtube, one can find entry level audio engineering tutorials. Audio is very easy to learn. All you need is a very good ear and a passion for music. If you do choose to do it yourself, here are a couple topic recommendations to search up: signal flow, mic setup, monitor setup, front-of-house setup, routing outboard gear, power amps and PA speakers, analog mixers, types of audio cables and connections, basic church audio set ups, types of effects, and basic live sound equipment. Of course, there are other topics that could be searched. Here is a basic format idea on how to search up these topics. How to set up _______ for a church?  What is ______ in live sound? (ex: how to set up a microphone for a vocalist at church?). In audio, you learn from your mistakes, so do not be afraid to get your hands dirty. Below i have added a list of great links with lots of good information and images about live sound. These links cover a majority of the basics.

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