Silence Is An Answer

Silence Is An Answer

What do you do when God makes you a promise that has not materialized yet? What are you supposed to do when everything contradicts what God says will be? What are you supposed to listen to when everything is silent? How long do you wait until you see that promise fulfilled? How do you even believe when your faith is being challenged?


Sometimes we encounter moments in our life that challenge everything we believe. Situations that occur to which we have no control over. It can seem like these periods of desperation last forever. It can seem like the answer is never going to arrive. The silence becomes so loud. These are the moments that define you.


The decision you make is critical. The way you perceive the situation determines your actions. The way you decide to respond is influenced by your mindset. You have to make the right choice. You have to fight even when all the odds are against you. You have to believe and stay positive. Always find the bright side of a situation or circumstance.


Even in the middle of the storm, you can find your way. Sometimes the silence is the answer. When God is silent, it means he is working. Maybe the situation you are going through is the story that God wants you to tell. He allows you to walk through the desert so that he can build you up.


God is greater than the challenges you face. God can see the things we don’t. We might not be able to understand the reason why we have to endure the hardships. We try so hard to find the logic of pain. We seek answers to the questions we have. It is perfectly OK. This is the most important moment. When we feel small compared to the fire. We have to confront all of our deepest fears. God wants us to trust in him when we are at our weakest point. Trust God when everything is lost. Your greatest defeat can be God’s greatest victory.


Jesus died on the cross. All the disciples were devastated. The early christian church felt defeated. The world mocked Jesus. They told him to climb down from the cross if he really was the son of God. They laughed because he saved thousands but he couldn’t even save himself. Then, Jesus drew his last breath and gave up his spirit. The temple was torn in two. The world trembled. Sin was no more. On Sunday, Jesus rose from the dead. He defeated death. Jesus had the victory. Against all the odds, Jesus prevailed. The crucifixion and death of Jesus was not a defeat, but a great victory. His sacrifice saved the world.


Pray to God during the silence. Believe in what you are praying for. Remember that a promise from God never fails. Ask God to take your defeat and turn it into his victory. Put all your trust in him and invest on your faith.


John 16:33


“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

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