Your mind is always active; constantly trying to solve problems. It feels as though your thoughts are most active when you are still and alone in a quiet place. Subconsciously, your thoughts get louder to mask the physical silence that surrounds you. Sometimes silence is violent because it forces you to process deep, profound thoughts.


Every person will respond differently to their mind’s thoughts. Some people chose to filter them out and shy away from confrontation. Other people are pushing to face them and settle their thoughts once and for all. Sometimes our thoughts get so chaotic that we begin to become mentally stressed. These moments can often push us to make critical decision. If we are not mentally capable of controlling our thoughts, proper decision making may become blurred.


The best way to cope an active mind is to give ourselves a problem to solve. If you have a goal that you want to reach, set said goal as a priority. A busy mind will be more beneficial when it is working to help you reach the target. Make a habit of reaching different goals every day. A simple task will feel rewarding when you have completed it.


I always wake up to the same thoughts. I barely open my eyes and my mind is already hard at work trying to figure out how I am going to achieve my dreams. These thoughts consume me throughout the day. There are moments where I go blank because im just thinking of all the outcomes. The more I think, the closer I get to finding a solution. The hardest part was making my thoughts a reality. I really wanted to push myself to start reaching out to the world again. It was very difficult for me because I had no confidence in my own words. I always hid behind a mountain of excuses. I kept persisting. I did not want to stay in a state of defeat.


After so many desperate attempts to make a life changing move, I lost faith in myself. I remember just laying on my bed as the minutes went by. Everything changed in an instant. The thoughts of disparity faded as this feeling of productivity began to engulf me. I finally stood up and I wrote everything that came to my mind. It was finally happening. All the thoughts that plagued my mind were gone. I was able to write with such clarity. Every word came to me so fluently.


You may see yourself in a position where you feel like you are not getting anything done. You attempt to make progress but feel like you are taking a step back. The uncertainty begins to sink in. You physically feel this deep sense of failure. I can tell you from personal experience that those moments of chaos will benefit you. When you let your mind be free, you subconsciously are releasing all the unnecessary thoughts in your head. Let all your thoughts fade away. There will come a moment of serenity. When all is calm, pick yourself up and make a move. As you start to move forward it will become easier for you. You want to invest so much of yourself into your goals that you become too busy to even heed the thoughts of distraction.


I struggle everyday with a symphony of thoughts on my mind. They distract me from being able to focus on the things that really matter. God, I give myself unto you. Remove the burdens that plague me. Fill me with your peace. I humbly ask you to take hold of my hand and lead me in a righteous way. Thank you for always keeping me safe and answering my cries for help. Amen!


1 Peter 5:7


“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”

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