Project Success In Order To Become Successful

Project Success In Order To Become Successful

Back when I was studying Audio Engineering at Musicians Institute, Hollywood, one of my teachers told the class different lessons he learned throughout his personal life. There was one piece of advice that he gave us that was very important. “You need to project success in order to be successful.” When my teacher started out, he was struggling to convince his client he was worth $60,000. He had a good reputation. Many of his prior clients gave great reviews about his work. He was beginning to make a name for himself in the audio community. He knew he was worth a lot. He was aware that his skills were very advanced. The issue is that his clients hesitated when he would give them a quote. He wondered why clients hesitated to pay him what he requested. He didn’t have a teacher or a leader to guide him. He didn’t have someone he could go up to and ask. He had to figure stuff out on his own. Then he figured it out.


He was not projecting success. His clients were very big in the music industry. They had high end suits and luxurious cars. In comparison, my teacher, at the time, was very humble. He drove his old beat up Ford pick-up truck. He was in love with his truck. He had been with it since his college years. That truck was his work horse. The issue is that when his clients saw him pull up in his old truck, they would prejudge him. They hesitated to pay him what he asked for because that amount of money seemed way out of his league. So he invested in a new car. He bought himself a brand new Mercedes. When clients see him pull up in his new car, they think highly of him. He had an easier time convincing his clients he was worth $60,000. He invested in himself. He projected success. Clients saw he was successful. They were more compelled to pay what he requested. Today, he writes songs for Selena Gomez, Adele, and more popular female artist. His work has been nominated multiple times for grammys. He is successful because he projected his success so that his clients would be convinced of his worth and value.


Appearances do matter in the music business. Everything matters when you meet with big clients. The way you dress can affect how successful you will become. The big names in the industry look for successful artist to work with. They won’t waste their time on people who have nothing to show for. They are multi-billion dollar companies for a reason. They know who will make them money and who wont. When you are putting yourself out there, whether you are looking to be discovered or looking to network with others, people will prejudge you. They will assume the worst. Presenting yourself as a successful person will increase your odds of actually becoming successful. You need to project success to show others that you believe in yourself. It shows confidence. It will influence others to want to work with you.

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