Prayer’s Song

Prayer’s Song

I remember a time when I was a young lad that did not like to pray. Prayer for me was a very boring thing to do at the time. I was so young. I had so much energy. I always wanted to do something fun. I went to church. I was part of the worship team, but I was far from God. I never worried about my spiritual life. My only worry was not messing up the next song on the set list.


I remember one day, my mother told me to pray. I responded saying no. She kept insisting. She kept pressuring me. She kept forcing me to pray. She was getting so frustrated. I think we both were. In her eyes, I was rebellious. In my eyes, she was my annoying mother. It got to the point where I finally agreed to pray because she was getting on my last nerves.


I got on my knees. I prayed on my living room couch. I was 12 years old. I had no idea what was about to happened. I discovered the power of prayer. I remember I started to pray by myself. I said what ever came to my mind. I just wanted to get it over with. I gave thanks to God. I complimented God and his greatness. After about ten minutes, something new happened. This is the first time I prayed. God gave me something.


While I was praying, God gave me a lifeline. He gave me a song. There was a complete song playing in my head. This was a song that I have never heard before. The melody kept flowing. The lyrics kept coming. I was able to remember all of it. It was so beautiful. I also recall feeling God in my heart. God was speaking to my spirit. While my physical body was hearing this new worship song, My spirit was hearing the voice of God. This is what my spirit heard. “I am giving you this song so that you may sing it to me when you need me. When you feel like giving up, I want you to sing this song with all your heart. I want you to worship and call out to me and I will come.”


I was so excited. God gave me my first worship song. I got up in that moment and ran to my piano. I started to map out the music and the melody. I kept reciting the lyrics over and over. I was working really fast because I was afraid that I would forget the song. I wrote down the lyrics on a piece of paper and I began to play the song. The song was no longer playing in my head, but in my room. This was the song that God gave specifically to me. I could use this song to reach out to God when I needed him most. When I completed the song, my mom and her friend from church walked into the room. I explained how God gave me a song while I was praying. I performed the song for my mom and her friend and they both began to cry. The song was so beautiful that it touched their hearts. Her friend was so moved that she even gave me $10.


Ever since that day, I never second guessed prayer again. I look back to that day and I think about how ungrateful and undeserving I was. I was praying because my mother obligated me to do so. I did not pray by my will. I was praying with a cold heart. God gave me a song. A song that was more than just a song. It was my cry for help. It was my direct way to reach him. He gave me something so special and I didn’t even deserve it.


Prayer has power. Prayer is communication with God. Prayer is like having a conversation. Sometimes we don’t want to pray. Sometimes we feel like He doesn’t listen. Sometimes we feel like God doesn’t answer.  Prayers don’t go unanswered. They will be answered. God is listening. But, God is being patient with you. Sometimes it takes time to see the answer because God wants to prepare you. He wants to build your character.


Give prayer a chance. Believe that God will answer. Tell him what you want. Bring before him all of your heart’s desires. Tell him want you want. Share your feelings with him. Open up to him. Wait for him with anticipation. Do not doubt. God will speak to you.


Jeremiah 33:3


“Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.”


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