Plan B Is Doubt Of Plan A

Plan B Is Doubt Of Plan A

We grow up with people always telling us to have a backup plan. Backup plans are great because they provide a figurative safety net. If your plans don’t workout, at least you know you have something to fall onto. The problem with backup plans is they make us passive. They cause us to follow our dreams casually. One thing that successful people have is ambition. They are ruthless when it comes to success. They are determined. If they want something, they do everything in their power to get it. Backup plans take that aggressiveness away from us. It causes us to say to ourselves, “Well, if my plan doesn’t work out then i will do something else.” You will never achieve success with that mentality.


One of my college teachers, back when I was studying audio engineering at Musicians Institute, Hollywood, told us a story about 300 soldiers that won their freedom against all the odds because they were committed to Plan A. There was a war going on. 300 soldiers were trapped on an island outpost with low ammo, little provisions, and no back up. They were cornered on the southern front of the island. The enemy forces were approaching from the north side of the island. They were outnumbered 3 to 1. Now, the men were afraid. They were beginning to accept defeat. “Surely, we are dead,” they thought. They were considering surrendering. They had very few options. They could jump on their boats and flee to the mainland losing their entire island to the enemy or they could stay and fight. Before their main command outpost was taken out, they sent word notifying any last friendly forces on the island that the outpost had gone down but there was still plenty of ammo and provisions available. When the 300 soldiers heard the news, they began to have hope. The only problem was that an army three times their size was standing in between them and the ammo and provisions they desperately needed. Their commanding officer devised a plan. He ordered all 300 troops to gather whatever they could scavenge and jump on the boats. They sailed around the island and circled up North. By sea, they arrived to the main outpost in the North.


Their odds of surviving had risen. They had the element of surprise. The enemy forces were unaware that the soldiers circled around the island. The 300 soldiers were still outnumbered 3 to 1. They could’ve chosen to restock on their supplies and flee. The commanding officer had other plans. He ordered the troops to burn the boats and gather up. The commanding officer gave them a speech they could not turn down “Now we have no way to escape. We have burned our boats and can only get back to our outpost by going down south on foot. You can chose to stay here and hide or you can march down through the enemy forces and purge them out.” The soldiers were motivated and lined up for their last and only attempt to secure their island. They used the element of surprise to their advantage. They burned down their plan  B. They only had one way to get home. They had to go through the enemy forces. The commanding officer made a plan of attack and ordered the 300 men to execute the plan. They followed through. Lives were lost, but in the end most of the troops made it back to their outpost. They were outnumbered, but they managed to defeat the enemy forces.


Their plan B was to flee on their ships. Without plan B, they were forced to face the enemy. The idea of returning back to their outpost influenced them. They became determined. In the same light, you need to be determined to become successful. In the music industry, there are no second plans. You either fail or succeed. You need to focus on what you want to achieve. Your focus has to be laser-like. Let the fear of failure drive you. Abandon plan B. Follow through with plan A. You are more likely to succeed if you are being driven by determination. If you were stranded in the wild, you would begin to change gears to survival mode. You begin to do extreme things in order to stay alive. That natural response is instinct. It is natural for us to take great risk to ensure our survival. That is how your determination to succeed should work. Fight for your success like your life depended on it. Drop the safety net and put yourself out there. That is what the music industry needs. It needs more people who are driven to become successful.

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