Pad Section

Pad Section

Pads are great for worship. Pads and soft synths are commonly used in a lot of ambient music. Pads are soft undefined sounds that rise over time. Think of a group of singers or violins playing together. Pads are rich and full. They fill most of the lower frequency spectrum. Pads can really accent your worship experience. It really sets the mood for worship.


One of the most common types of pads is ambience. These pads are almost like strings, only more dissolved. When you play pads all the chords just fade in and out of each other. Everything is soft and there are hardly any peaks. Sometimes the pad rises in volume, pitch, or resonance. Most ambient pads tend to just live in the background. It is the base of worship songs. You hardly notice it is there. But when you turn it off you can feel that absence. Try to use ambient pads when you are in a really intimate with God. During these special moments, just let one chord play out.


Some other pads include piano, organ, vocal, string, brass, and soft synths. Drum pads are not in this category. Pads need to be able to play out for long periods of time. Drums have a fast attack and many peaks. They fall under a different category. The pads listed below can be used for many types of genres. Piano pads are commonly used in movies. Organ pads are used in church. Soft synths are used in a lot of modern music.


Pads can be used in many ways. Try to experiment with them. Add effects and try to make a sound of your own. Create stutters and wobbles. Pads can fill a lot in a song. Try them out and see what works best for you.

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