Let God Lead You To Opened Doors

Let God Lead You To Opened Doors

I remember when we first started this project we were all very excited. We all had ideas. We all had goals and dreams. We each had our own visions. But, as we made progress we realized that this project would be challenging. Over time, we began to become lazy and tired. We started to procrastinate. It took us such a long time just to complete a simple task. We became very inactive.


Our overseer in the project yelled at us. Our good friend Dennis. He is the perfect example of success. He shows us that we need to be ruthless when it comes to achieving our dreams and goals. He influences us to fight for what we want. He encourages us to work towards success. He told us his personal stories and that of others he was helping. Those stories were of people that were getting things done. He had to be tough on us. None of us listened. We didn’t do anything even if our life depended on it. He realized that he could only push us if he pressured us. He wanted to see us succeed not stall. We were lagging and falling behind. I am very thankful that he pressured us to get this project going.


Every single day, he would ask me if we had made any progress. He was on top of me. Constantly making me realize that this project is very important. He made me realize that this project is more than just a side job. This project is bigger than us. He made it very clear that this project is the calling that God gave each and every single one of us. He was not kidding when he said he would push us. He said he would do whatever it takes to get us going. He wanted this whole project to become what we envisioned. He cancelled a photoshoot because we were not creating content for our website. He took down a lot of features on the website because we were not staying on top of things. He put a halt on our worship band because we were not ready. We were a mess. All of us were very disorganized. All of the failures and setbacks were my fault. I was a bad leader. I was unprepared. I was lacking motivation. I Had to do something about it.


We all decided to go to the mountains and pray to God. Friday afternoon came around. We meet up and left late at night. On the way over there, we had a long deep conversation amongst ourselves. I knew God was going to do something special. We arrived and climbed the mountain and found a good praying spot. We sat down and read a bible verse together. We brought an acoustic guitar. We used it to sing some worship songs for a long while. The worship was so deep and intimate that we got lost in it. After some time, we began to pray together. God noticed how every single one of us was seeking him. Together we prayed to God united in the same spirit. God moved that night. He used each and every single one of us. He gave us words amongst ourselves. He made his presence known. It was so special.


It was amazing to see my closest friends praying beside me. It was life changing seeing how God used them. It was a spectacular sight to see how God moved through us. God does have a plan for us. He has given us a big responsibility. He has called us to become leaders. We are to set the example. God made us a promise that he would walk with us always. He confirmed that all our dreams would come true. He also revealed to us that The Heart Of Worship Project is greater than we think. This project will become a great ministry. Our instructions were to have faith and always put God first.


We all came down that mountain changed. God gave us ambition. God fortified our faith. God gave us renewed strength. God showed us the way. He made our path known. He promised to open all the doors. This project will be a great blessing to the world and everyone we encounter. However, God made it very clear that in order for us to be prepared, We have to go through a process. It is necessary for us to walk through the desert in order for God to build up our leadership. He is preparing us to become young men of faith. He wants us to become young men of wisdom and advice. We are going to become young men of God. One night praying together in the mountains changed the way we were heading. Before the mountains, we were heading down hill. But after that encounter with God, we are walking towards success. The blessing is getting close. I am waiting with anticipation for our promise to come true.


Keep dreaming because all your dreams will come true. Give unto God all of your dreams. When you let God lead you, all the doors will be opened.

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