Investing In Your Church

Investing In Your Church



Every pastor wants to have a beautiful church with a stable, growing community.of followers. In this article, we will be discussing the importance of investing in your church. We will also be pointing out great areas of the church to start investing that will make a positive impact.


Why is it important to invest in your church?

It is the House of God. Church is a place where one can come and worship God freely and expressively.  Therefore, it is considered holy and has to reflect the same perfection that God possesses. Take the story of Moses and the Tent of Meeting for example. God gives Moses a specific set of instructions (Exodus 25) that would later be used to create the Tent of Meeting and all the furniture needed inside. After giving specific instructions, God made it very clear to Moses that he is to follow them exactly (Exodus 25:40) as they were given. This shows just how holy this place was in the eyes of God. The church as a whole should hold the responsibility to respect the house of God. It should always be well maintained and looked after.



Where is a great place to start investing?

audience-1850665The first thing new visitors see when they walk into a church is the pulpit. The pulpit is the center and focus of the church. The audience’s attention is aimed purposely at the pulpit. A beautifully built pulpit will produce a feeling of invitation. Like the Tent of Meeting, the Pulpit is our modern version of the Ark of the Covenant. God asked Moses to build the ark and cover it with pure gold (Exodus 2510-21). The Ark of the Covenant is the specific place inside the Tent of Meeting where God met and spoke with Moses (Exodus 25:22). Praise, worship, and preach represent our modern encounter with God. The praise and worship allow us to “speak” to God, while the preach allows God to speak to us. Just as God and Moses spoke face-to-face, we can use praise and worship to express ourselves to God.



How much should you invest in your church?

thai-1549030Give God everything you have (Mark 12:41-44). God will always provide everything you need if you believe in him (2 Corinthians 5:7). A good starting place is to invest in the necessities. These necessities can range from musical instruments to reparations to hired servants such as Worship Leaders or Pastors. Once all the necessities are covered, it is a good idea to invest in the things that are considered commodities. These commodities can range from purchasing wireless mics to better toiletries to getting a more powerful projector. It is important to leave major investments at the end. Generally these are harder to achieve, more expensive, and take much longer to complete. Major investments can range from purchasing installed sound to buying live broadcast equipment to remodeling the entire building.



How do i prepare for this investment?

startup-593327Starting out can seem a little frightening at first. Primarily for the reason that there are so many plans and ideas that are unorganized. They can seem too far out of reach, but anything is possible with God. First, start off by writing down a plan. It is a good idea to make a list of all your necessities and all of your wants. Try to write down the list in order from most important to least important. Next, you will want to start planning out a budget. If you already have funds, you should begin to plan how to spend it properly. Make sure you look at all the options, try to save, and get the best deals. If you do not have a budget, start calculating how much you will need. Once the goal is set, try to find ways to raise that amount within a specific time frame. Some good ways to raise funds include, hosting a local car wash, homemade food sale, or even making and selling custom t-shirts for the church. Once you raise the intended goal, make a spending plan. Decide when, where, and how the project will begin. Finally, speak to the church and get the project approved. Make any final corrections by reviewing everything. It is important to pray to God and ask for his favor as well. Once the project is approved, you are one step closer to completing your church project.

Whether you do a major investment or a small one, do it for God, not expecting anything in return, and he will reward you and your church. Most importantly. pray to God that he may have favor with your plans. Do not get discouraged or shy away from large scale projects. Have fun maintaining the house of God. We hope this article has motivated you to start a new project for the church. Send us before and after pictures of your completed projects and a small background story. We would like to share your project story with the world to help inspire others. God bless.

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