If You Could Be Still For Just One Minute

If You Could Be Still For Just One Minute

Psalm 46:10

“Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!”


For the past couple of months God has been constantly reminding me that i need to start preparing myself because he gave me a spirit of leadership. God gave me a big responsibility. God put people under me that i must lead. He has made me responsible of leading my family, worship band, church, and even my own life. I am frightened at the thought of knowing that so many people are counting on me. I can feel the pressure of so many people looking up to me. I honestly don’t feel ready at all. I have been pondering real hard lately and i realized that i can’t lead others because i can’t even lead myself. I lost my focus and my spiritual edge. I have become distracted and lackadaisical. But despite all my uncertainty, God always gives me a word of comfort. God promised me that if i could be still for just one minute i would be able to hear his voice.


When i was born, I was diagnosed with ADHD. instinctively, it’s very hard for me to sit still. I have to constantly be doing something just to keep me calm. I find it really hard to be still when i have a surplus of energy. The word that God gave me has me very perplexed. How can i be still with all this excess energy? I don’t necessarily think God is asking me to literally sit on a chair and be calm. I think i am asking the wrong question. What does God mean when he says “be still?” God is not expecting me to be still on a chair. I realized that God’s two simple words, “be still,” are far more complex and infer a deeper meaning. A meaning i must discover on my own. God is asking me to be still. This is more than just being alone in an isolated spot. This is more than clearing my mind. It is more than just sitting down in waiting. Being still means to let everything go and trust in God. It means to let yourself fade away and embrace God’s presence. Being still means to give yourself completely to God. when you give up everything for God, he can finally use you.


God Gave his one and only son for us. That was the most important thing to him. We were not even aware of the sacrifice that he made for us. He gave everything he had. How much are we willing to sacrifice for God? What am i willing to sacrifice for God? I needed to give everything up to be able to hear his voice. I needed to lose all the distractions and temptations and desires to be able to fully embrace God. “Be still and you will hear my voice.” The moment i dropped everything and gave myself to God, he spoke to me.


All you need to do is to let go of yourself and follow God with everything. Prepare yourself to receive all the promises he has for you. Ask God to reveal his word for you. Lose all the temptations, desires, and distractions. Be still and you will hear his voice.

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