Here It Comes

Here It Comes

God has always walked beside me throughout my life. If I fall, he picks me up. When I call out to him, he is never too far. God answers me through dreams, prophecy, or scripture. I have been walking through very difficult life situations. During these times of despair I turn to God and cry out to him. I reach out to him as long as it takes. The amount of time it takes for God to answer varies. Sometimes he answers immediately. There are times when he takes some time to answer. God works in mysterious ways. I cried out to God and have not received an answer. So I keep praying, believing that he will answer soon. After some time of consistent prayer, God answered me. He really surprised me. He gave me an answer that was unexpected. God told me that it is necessary to walk through the desert in order to get to the blessings. God also encouraged me to stand strong and firm. He said that if I can make it through the desert, I will get a big blessing. I’m about to receive the biggest blessings of my life. I need to walk through the desert. We don’t understand why we must walk through the desert, but it is necessary. God can use the worst situations to conceive some of the greatest blessings. The desert makes you stronger. The dessert shapes you. The desert prepares you. The desert is not so much a problem or situation, but a process. The sooner you change your mentality, the easier it will be to walk through deserts. See, when we enter the desert, we are a mess. Our lives seem to be driven in circles. We are unsure what we are supposed to do. We are unstable and afraid. As we walk through the desert, God allows situations to happen. These situations hurt, but they serve a purpose. They make us stronger. They make us brave. Sometimes, a situation can show you things that you are capable of doing that you didn’t even realize. The desert reveals who you really are. Once you walk out of the desert, there will be great blessings waiting for you. After the desert, we encounter a blessing. This is because the desert is the price we have to pay for that blessing. The greater the blessing, the longer the desert will be. The desert is meant to prepare us for the blessing. It trains us so that we may use our blessing properly and to its full potential. I know going through the desert isn’t the greatest thing to endure. I know sometimes you feel weak. I know sometimes you feel like you are about to collapse under the pressure. You have to remember that God promises a great blessing at the end of your desert. Don’t be afraid because God will walk beside you the entire time. God will not let you walk through situations that you can’t handle. The desert is only temporary. The blessing is everlasting. Prepare yourself for the blessing.


Pray to God and ask him to give you the strength to walk out of the desert. Ask God to prepare the blessing for you. If you are afraid or feel weak, come clean. Be honest and tell God how you feel. God will give you new strength. He will give you everything you need to make it through the desert.


Hosea 13:5


“I cared for you in the wilderness, In the land of drought.”


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