Heart Of Worship Project: Process Has Purpose (Devotional)

Heart Of Worship Project: Process Has Purpose (Devotional)

I popped a lot of balloons trying to make this video. In this video I was inspired to touch on the subject of process. I have been walking through a process that is really making me rely on God. It has not been easy but it has shown me how much I need Him. I have gone through so many processes growing up that were very painful and uncomfortable but they served a purpose. At first, I did not understand, but when the process came to a conclusion I was able to understand how that process helped my character. I encourage you today to bring your burdens to God and allow him to complete your process. It might be difficult right now but it is for your good and His glory.


Devoctional Scripture

John 13:7 NIV




Music Credit


Pictures Of The Floating World – Canada

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