Heart Of Worship Project: NAMM 2020 Audio Fusion Wireless In-Ear Monitor Solution

Heart Of Worship Project: NAMM 2020 Audio Fusion Wireless In-Ear Monitor Solution

Special thanks to Brandon and the Audio Fusion Team for showing us their new Wireless In-Ear Monitor Solution. You can learn more about Audio Fusion by visting their website or YouTube channel.

Audio Fusion

Website: https://audiofusionsystems.com/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0RiOWIIuu3rWD7P_zms2HA

NAMM 2020 was a great show that came and went too fast. Many vendors and companies offer various products that simplify the music industry. We wanted to find out which products could facilitate music creation for church plants and their worship ministries. Audio Fusion has created an affordable Wireless In-Ear Monitor solution by using software to deliver audio signals from your console over WiFi. Simply, download Audio Fusion’s dedicated Performer App and connect it to your broadcast source. It is a great solution for any church plant or worship ministry that wants to go wireless.

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