God Works The Unseen

God Works The Unseen

Days will pass. Weeks will run by. Months will fly by. No matter how much time passes, God’s promise will be fulfilled. Sometimes God takes his time with us. We don’t understand why. But he does. There are things he wants to perfect. God’s plans are different from our plans. Trust in God that he will give you something better.


If you wonder why God is not answering, don’t be worried. If all the odds are against what God says will be, don’t be alarmed. Remember that God works the unseen. He works under the surface. He works in the deepest parts of a situation. He works from within. The core is the lifeline. Take your heart for example. If you are sad, your actions will show it. You don’t have to say anything for people to know that you are melancholy. In the same way, God Wants to perfect the inside in order for us to see the change on the outside. This is why we are blind to the works of God. We don’t see the inside. We can’t even fathom the depths.


Your situation may seem like a lost cause. It may seem like the battle is lost. This is where God tells you to trust in him. Be confident that God is working the unseen. Overtime, you will begin to see the change. God will slowly open your eyes. He will show you the work he did that went unseen. If you stand strong past the situation, you will see the victory. You will see the blessing. Don’t believe what you see. There is always more than what meets the eye. We are simply wired to filter out certain details. In the middle of the situation, there is a lot of traffic occurring. Doubt and faith battle for your heart. Time moves on to test you. But when you finally get to the victory and look back, you will see what was not known to you before.


God works the unseen. What you see can be different to what God sees. When you pray to God, ask him to open your eyes so that you may be able to see everything that God is doing. Ask God to fill you with his spirit and fill you with understanding. Give him thanks for working on your situation even if you are unaware of what is happening. Be strong and trust God with all your heart and time will slowly come to an end. Your victory will be waiting for you with a blessing.


Job 32:8

“But it is a spirit in man, And the breath of the Almighty gives them understanding.”


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