God Is Forming The Cloud

God Is Forming The Cloud

God works in ways that we don’t understand. He does things that seem to have no logic or reason. Behind every action, there is a purpose. Everything that God does is to help us. Sometimes he does it to teach us a lesson. He might do something to build you up. He may allow something to happen as a result of your own actions. In the end, God will never let go of your hand.


For some time, I was facing difficult situations. There were so many responsibilities that Kept piling up on me. Everywhere I turned I only saw challenges. I only saw problems. I was beginning to grow weary and tired. I started to cry out to God in hopes that he would turn things around. Some time passed. There was a long period of silence. Everything was quiet. God wasn’t speaking. He did not answer. My heart physically felt heavy. I was so worried, but somehow i kept believing that God was about to deliver my Blessing.


I was at church playing the bass during the worship. I was focused on my instrument. I was constantly making sure that I was playing on point. I didn’t expect anything to happen. I was just in my routine. The silence finally broke. God spoke to me during the worship. He told me to look up because there is a cloud that is going to rain down my blessings. I am about to receive everything i have ever wanted. I was so excited. My heart felt free. I was so amazed and for the first time in that moment I felt peace. The last thing God told me, made me feel ashamed of myself.


“Everything that has happened to you is to show you that you can still worship me in the middle of the challenges and situations.” I felt guilty because not once in all this time of hardships did I stop to thank God for everything that he has done. I was so worried about the outcome of my problems that I forgot about God. The reason why i was heartbroken when i heard these words is because God has been working all the details in my life and I didn’t even see that. As I was busy worrying, I completely failed to see the battles that God has been winning for me. All the little things matter. If something matters to you, it matters to God. God had been fighting battles that I wasn’t even aware of.


I went home that day and prayed to God. I asked for forgiveness. I began to worship God alone in my room. I forgot about everything and I just sang my heart out to him. I really thought about the words that he spoke to me. You really can worship God in the middle of the situations. Job lost everything. He suffered greatly and yet he still praised God. He kept believing in God and as a result God blessed him with double of what he had.




No matter how difficult the obstacles are, you must always stop to worship God. Worshiping God in the middle of the storm shows faith. I says, “I am facing great trials but I believe that you will bless me in the end.” Trust in God. Do not let the situations stop you from worshiping him. Worship is intimacy with God. When you worship God you are opening up your heart to him. This is why worship is important. God wants to see you fully trusting in him. Worship God even if everything is falling apart, because while you worship God he is forming the cloud that will rain down your blessing.


Hebrews 12:28


“Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe,”

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