God Be Worshiped

God Be Worshiped

Worship is not driven by music. Worship comes from our heart. There is this huge misconception about worship. People say they are unable to worship if there is no music. Music helps build an atmosphere in which you can worship. True worship is intimate. Don’t be afraid to let the Holy Spirit take over.


Worship is induced by the Holy Spirit. Your worship can be expressed more intimately when you are alone. Open up to god. Invite him into your life. It is a beautiful feeling when the holy spirit takes over. You don’t have to hide anymore. The fear is removed. Let your tears drop. Let your heart speak. This moment is what God longs for. God is always going to be by your side in the moments when you make yourself vulnerable to him. He really appreciates when you don’t refrain from exposing yourself.


The beautiful thing about worship is there is no script. Worship is something that happens in the moment. You can have a worship experience today that will be completely different to tomorrow’s worship. If worship was based off a script, it would be bland. God designed worship in such a way that every time you do it is a completely different experience.


Don’t be afraid to worship God. Set some time aside where you can be alone with God. It is very easy for you to get distracted by your secular life. Worship is the best way for you to connect with God. The Holy Spirit draws you closer to him. Great things come from worship. Perhaps, you receive spiritual replenishment. God can also give you revelations. It’s hard to say what God has for you when you worship. He spends the whole day observing you, waiting for you to approach him.


Worship is the best action you can take in any situation. Worship when your life seems to be falling apart. Worship when you aren’t feeling like yourself. Worship when life is good. Worship when you are having trouble sleeping. Worship when you wake up. Worship because you know that God is listening you. He will always take care of your needs. Worship to encounter God in an intimate way.


I lift my voice with gratitude. I give you my heart and all that I am. I am not worthy of standing before you. You do not see my flaws, rather you anoint me and see my heart. You see a reflection of yourself in me. You give me purpose. I am nobody without you. Today, I worship you because I know that I matter to you. I don’t have enough to give back for everything you have done for me. I Know that my worship pleases you. I will not let life drown out my song. I will continue to worship you. God be worshiped. Amen.


John 4:24


“God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.”

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