Don’t Let Opportunities Pass You By

Don’t Let Opportunities Pass You By

There are critical moments in our lives where the decision we make can affect the outcome of our future. Don’t let a big opportunity pass you by. Take advantage of any opportunity that is presented to you.


One of my teachers when I was studying audio engineering at Musicians Institute, Hollywood told the class we should always consider every opportunity. Back when he was starting out, he was using Protools. He had used other DAWs for special projects, but he was able to do everything with Protools alone.There came a moment when someone offered him a gig. They wanted him to produce some music for a video game that was going to be released. They were willing to pay him good money. All they required of him was that he had to be available the next day. They required proficiency in Protools and Logic. My teacher was not too familiar with Logic at that time. He was also already working on a more demanding project when they presented the opportunity to him. His inexperience with Logic and commitment to the current project he was working on made him shy away from the opportunity they offered him.


He wasn’t able to accept their offer. He ended up recommending a really close friend of his. This friend had more experience with Logic. They got in touch with his friend. They met up briefly. During their meeting, they discussed the details of the project. By the end of the meeting, his friend was hired on. So the friend began to produce music for the video game. When the game launched, it became a huge success. That friend went on to earn millions of dollars for his work with the music.


“I regret turning down that offer,” said my teacher. That game opportunity he turned down is Call Of Duty. Right now, the Call Of Duty franchise is making millions of dollars world wide. He passed up that opportunity because he lacked a simple skill. He missed out on a lot of money because he doubted that game would ever become a great success. My teacher went on to say that he also turned down the offer because he felt like he was better than video game audio. He felt he deserved to do bigger projects. Pride influenced his decision to turn down the opportunity.


Consider any and all opportunities you are presented. Don’t make a decision that could potentially change your future in a negative way. No Project is too small to turn down. Don’t let them pass you by. Entertain them. Every opportunity gets you one step closer to success. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

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