Destroying Is Easy, Challenge Yourself To Build Something

Destroying Is Easy, Challenge Yourself To Build Something

Remodeling a room is an exciting project to work on. It gives you the ability to modify and personalize your room. The fun part is tearing down the old walls that once surrounded you. It gives you this unexplained satisfaction. Seeing those walls come down because you know that new ones will be going up is really exciting. As you break down the walls you start to anticipate the feel of the new room. You start to picture how the room will look. But in life, it is easy to destroy. Sometimes destroying something comes with a certain satisfaction. Weather its for the right reason, or a wrong one. Destruction makes us feel good at times. Anyone can destroy something in the matter of moments. The real challenge is building. A real leader is challenged to build and not destroy. Jesus says that who ever becomes a stumbling rock for the little ones that believe in him, it would be better for them to tie a large stone around their neck and be thrown into the sea (Mark 9:42). There will be a point in our leadership where we will have to build someone up. There is always a person that needs someone to build them up. There are so many people that the world gave up on, but Jesus challenges us to pick them up and build them up. He challenges us to believe in them. That is what leadership is all about. Leadership is not about having authority and using it for yourself benefit. Leadership is sacrificing selfishness and serving others. You can destroy simply by using words. I find it interesting how easy it is to destroy. We can destroy within a matter of seconds using our words or even our actions. Building is more complex. In the example of the room, the walls can be easily removed. Building new ones is more complex. It requires more time and effort. You need to get materials. You need to make cuts and build a frame. You need to fit and fasten the frames. You have to put up the drywall and fill the seams. You need to sand. You have to paint. Then you have to clean up and finish the room. The same complexity is involved when building someone up. You have to pray for them. You have to believe in them. You have to be there for hem. You have to help them. You need to give them sound advice. You need to motivate them. You have to give them purpose and direction. You have to be very patient. It is very easy to destroy, but Jesus challenges us to build something.


Pray to God and ask him what areas in your life need to be rebuilt. Ask God who does he want you to help. Ask God to reveal the people that are in need.


1 Thessalonians 5:11


“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up,  just as in fact you are doing.”

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