Cross Over Your Bridge

Cross Over Your Bridge

Cross the bridge. Get to the other side. If there is something you want, go and get it. Do not look below and let fear overwhelm you. Set your focus on the reward waiting for you. We all have bridges we need to cross. Will you cross yours?


The bridge is only there as a decoy. It is a distraction. It was placed in front of you to deter you from reaching your promise. Sometimes the bridge seems very long. It looks extremely high. You need to heed the promise. Dont focus on the bridge or else it will throw you off. Don’t let the bridge prevent you from crossing to the otherside.


You need to be a person of action. Be brave. Be bold. You are a child of God. God is with you at all times. God will not let you fall. He will give you everything you need to cross your bridge. All you have to do is walk forward. You are only one bridge away from your promise.


Pray to God and ask him to take your hand as you walk over your bridge. Ask him to make you brave. Seek his guidance and you will make it across to your promise.


Luke 18:27


“But He said, “The things that are impossible with people are possible with God.”

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