Concept To Design

Concept To Design

The creative industry really fascinates me. There really is no limit to what you can create using software available today. The quality is constantly improving. Realism can be achieved much more easily using the right techniques. There are a lot of great online resources that teach you the skills and knowledge you need to create anything you want. The best place to start is creating a simple logo or design.


I have been wanting to create a logo for some time now. I never really knew what to create or where to start. I had to come up with a design idea. I searched around for inspiration and found it in the most peculiar place. I found my inspiration on the front windshield of my car. Someone drew a little reindeer on my windshield and named it Tim. Afraid of losing this design to the elements, I decided to trace the little deer from the inside of my car. I still laugh every time I get in my car and see it. At this point I know that I want to create a simple logo based on that reindeer. With an idea in mind, I still have a few design details I need to figure out.


I looked online for reindeer logos and came across a plethora of styles.  I wanted to create something unique that I could easily create but was still amazing. I began to look at other sources of media for inspiration. I looked at 3D blender renderings, photos, movies, and even video games. That’s when i discovered the style for my logo idea. EA Games released a new game called FE. It was a beautifully designed game with low poly graphics. The game had a simple concept. In the game you play as FE, a fox like character, exploring an open world alien forest. The game relies on the player to figure out the gameplay, story, and objectives on their own. As the player progresses in the game, they carry out different mission to help save the forest from an invading enemy. This journey is one I unknowingly took to discover my logo style. In one of the missions, your character has to help the alpha deer escape from the enemy invaders. The alpha deer is majestic and massive, standing taller than the entire canopy of the forest in which it dwells. When I first encountered this creature I was stunned with awe and amazement. I really fell in love with the game’s design concept. At this point, I knew I wanted to do a low poly reindeer.


Now that I had a design, I need to figure out how to create it. I found some tutorials on how to create low poly art in Photoshop. To my surprise, it was very easy. I still didn’t have a digital copy of my little reindeer so I ended up using a different animal that was available online. I chose a sloth because I like sloths and it had the right amount of details to convert it to a low poly graphic. I watched the tutorial carefully and started to experiment until I was pleased with the results. This process took about 1 hour to complete. It doesn’t take much to turn an idea into an actual design. All the resources you need can be found with a little bit of research. All you need is to come up with an idea and work on it.

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