Common Singer Mistakes

Common Singer Mistakes

There are a lot of things singers do wrong when they are starting off. Most of these mistakes are accidentally made simply because the singer is unaware. They are very common issues that have simple solutions. Here are the most common mistakes singers do and how to resolve them


  1. Mic Placement: New singers do not use the mic appropriately. There are several ways beginners improperly use a mic. Some place it on a stand in an awkward position. Others hold the mic and cause a lot of handling noise from all the shaking. Others stand far away from the mic. There are people that stay very close to the mic. The worst mistake a beginner can make is to sing into the mic out of the radius of the pick up pattern. The best way to resolve the issue is to place the mic on a boom stand. It is best to use a shock mount to reduce handling noise. The mic picks up sound better if it is placed directly towards the sound source. Sing directly into the mic with about 4 to 6 inches of distance from the mic capsule to your mouth.
  2. Incorrect Mic: Most beginners just grab any mic and plug it in. Every mic has a special function. Some work better with certain applications. If you are going to be singing live, it is best to use a standard directional cardioid mic. The most common stage vocal mic is the Shure SM58. This mic can withstand tours and gigs. If you intend to record vocals in a studio, it is best to use a large diaphragm condenser mic. These mics are very accurate and capture every little detail in the human voice. Most condenser mics have a pad or frequency cut switch. This is useful when you need to make minor adjustments such as reducing bass or clipping. If you plan on using a mic for film or interviews, you should use a boom mic. Boom mics, also known as shotgun mics, are long, pencil-like mics that can capture an audio source from far away. This is useful so that the mics will not appear in your footage and ruin your shot. There are other types of mics that have different applications. Clip on mics, or lavalier mics, can be used in large venues and arenas for conferences and lectures. Room mics can be used to capture sound sources within a room or space. Room mics commonly have omnidirectional polar patterns.
  3. Feedback: A beginner is likely to not know what causes feedback. Feedback is caused when a mic picks up frequencies emitted through a speaker and it loops those frequencies. This loop that resonates is feedback. If the singer stands to close to a stage monitor, the mic is more likely to pick up emitting frequencies and cause feedback. Try to stay at least 2 or 3 feet away from a speaker.
  4. Warm Up: No matter how well you sing, it is important to warm up. Warming up has a lot of long term benefits. It allows you to sing for longer periods of time. Your vocal chords have less stress. You are able to reach high notes. It can help extend your octave range.
  5. Effects: Using effects such as reverb and delay will add more presence to your voice. It makes your voice sound wet and full. Singing without effects will make your voice sound dry and dull. Reverb and delay is a natural phenomenon. When you shout into the open you hear ambience. When you shout into a large room you hear reverb. When you shout into a cave you hear delay. These effects are time based effects. It gives you a sense of space. Use effects to add depth to your voice.


Try to observe other experienced singers. Learn from them. See what techniques they use and compare them with your own. Try to figure out what you are doing wrong. What can you improve on?

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