Build A Dream

Build A Dream

People come and go all the time. I have worked with so many great musicians since I started The H.O.W (Heart Of Worship) Project. I lost a lot of great people because of the immature person that I was. Sometimes I think back at all my mistakes and I pray to God that I don’t repeat them. I regret a lot of decisions I made. This weight that I carry helps me become better. It is a loud, constant reminder that I have to be a better leader. Today, i’m still far from perfect, but I feel like everyday is a work in progress. I can see the change overtime. I have become more responsible. I have become stronger. I am gaining new wisdom. All this work is not possible on my own. God put great people in my life. He placed the right people to build this project up.


I consider all the guys in the project like family. We each have a special bond that just ties together perfectly. It is incredible to see how completely different people can come together and work fluently in the work of God. They are all unique in their own special way. They each contribute to the project. They all carry great ideas. I finally understand why I had to work hard to find them. I struggled for so many years to find great musicians that have the same dream as I do. Everything has lead me to the guys i’m working with now. The price we all had to pay was worth it.


Not everything is perfect. Sometimes we have disagreements. We all have our own taste. All of our ideas are similar, but not entirely the same. We all have different personalities. Sometimes we don’t always see eye to eye. Despite the challenges we face, we always manage to work things out. We set our differences aside and work together to come up with a solution. It is truly beautiful. They deserve a special rant.


David is one of my longest friends. I have known him since the age of seven. It was because of him that I got involved with music. I remember the first day I met him. He was playing drums at a church service. I remember looking at him play and thinking to myself how I wished I could play the drums too. God already had a plan for me. When he heard those words, it was time for his purpose to unfold in my life. To this day, I thank God for placing David in my life. My life could’ve been completely different if I had not seen him play the drums that day. He is one of the best drummers I know. He is not considered a good drummer because of all the flashy fills he can do, but because of how clean he is able to play. Every hit is even and balanced, both tonally and sonically. That takes great mastery. He will always have my respects as a fellow drummer. Although, I hold him higher than that. He is my best friend. He is my reason to keep on leading. He is my brother. He is family.


Dennis is one of the most interesting people I have ever met. At such a young age, he was already the person you looked up to. He has a long list of accomplishments. He deserves to see all his dreams fulfilled. The way he thinks is so innocent and rare. He is genuine. He does not see life as a competition. He sees life as a group project. He does not leave anyone behind. He picks you up. He gives you a purpose. He gives you directions. He motivates you. He leads you without even realizing it. Dennis is the person I owe my dreams to. He was the one that God used to open the doors to endless possibilities. He has shared his wisdom with me. He has shared his stories with me. He has even shared his blessings with me. When has a person ever believed in you so much that they invest in you? He is a person that I wish was more common. The world needs people like him. People that will push you past your limits. People that define their own boundaries. We need people like dennis, because he will give you what the world would make you pay for. He gives you everything you need so you can become successful. He basically takes off your training wheels. This is rare and worth more than all the wealth in the world.

I am privileged to work with the most wonderful people God has ever created. These guys all play a lead role in my life. They all have a voice of wisdom. They all are family. They are brothers. They are friends. They are my fellow musicians. We are a brotherhood. You don’t give up a brotherhood for cheap thrills or desires. You build up the leaders that you need by your side. You build a relationship. You build a bond. You build a dream.

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