Affordable Action Cameras

Affordable Action Cameras

It seems like society enjoys capturing every moment in life. It has become much more accessible with affordable pricing and a plethora of options. The most common way to capture the moment is using our mobile devices. Phones such as the new IPhone X and the Google Pixel 3 have amazing cameras. They are capable of recording standard definition, 2k, and even 4k. They perform well under low lighting conditions and have adjustable parameters. However, they are expensive and not ideal for extensive outdoor use. There are great alternatives for those who would love to have a dedicated camera with high quality footage, affordability, and durability. Consider owning an action camera.


Action cameras are great and work well in most situations. You can place them practically anywhere and don’t have to worry about damaging them. Most high end action cameras come with their own waterproof enclosures. The also come with various accessories such as mounts and adapters. You can also purchase third-party accessories available on most online retail stores. Overall, action cameras are a great tool to have.


A great starter action camera is the Hawkeye Firefly series. This camera line is similar to that of the GoPro Hero Cams. In fact, the Firefly action cams are compatible with most GoPro accessories. It comes with different mounting adapters, waterproof enclosure, battery, lens microfiber cloth, charging cable, and a drone adapter. It comes in a custom little box where you can store your camera along with all your accessories.


These action cams are a great deal for the price. You get so much quality for $100. Plus, it comes with free shipping. Most of the replacement parts are less the $20. You also get different models, styles, and colors. The action cams are available in the classic grey color, but you can also get them in black or gold. Hawkeye has released three new models in their Firefly series. Buyers have the option of choosing the Hawkeye Firefly 6S, 7S, or 8S each with a lesser submodel.


All versions of the Firefly line come with standard high definition video capture. You can also get 2k and 4k options depending on the model you purchase. You also get to choose different film rates from 24 FPS to 120 FPS. The camera is capable of connecting to a mobile device via wifi and sending live video feed through their custom phone application. With this connectivity, you can control the camera and import your footage directly onto your phone. The action cam is capable of saving files onto a microSD card as well.


There are a couple of features that really allow this camera to compete with other major action cameras in the market. The Firefly line comes with an internal gyro stabilizer which allows you to capture smooth footage even if your moving. It also has drone control which lets you control your camera through a drone. The newer models, such as the Firefly 8S, has a built in screen allowing you to see what you are filming. The enclosure is capable of diving 30 meters under water which makes it perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. There are many accessories you can get for your action cam as well. There are tripods and monopods, extended batteries, lights, and even an external microphone kit.


Check out Hawkeye Action Cameras. They offer high quality action cams at an affordable price. They are readily available and are very useful. They are perfect for recording your vacation trip or your family outdoor soccer game. Take it everywhere you go. Capture every moment in life with an action camera. There are other brands, prices, and models that you can compare. Do some research and see which action cam works best for you.


Hawkeye Firefly 8SE 4K Action Camera:

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