5 FREE Plugins For Worship

5 FREE Plugins For Worship

Music is constantly changing. The purpose of music in church remains the same. Creating an atmosphere to worship is easily achieved with the latest keyboards and synths. Keyboards and other controller instruments are great. They have thousands of patches and samples. They allow you to modify those sounds to your liking. This is why i fell in love with plugins. As computers and music technology continue to improve, so does the sounds you can create. Plugins are become more versatile. They offer more options which allow you to surgically tweak the sound exactly the way you want it. Here are 5 amazing plugins you can use in your worship patches to create any sound you desire.


1. TX16WX Software Sampler


As the name suggest, this plugin is a software sampler. It allows you to sample audio files and tweak them. This sampler is based on a hardware sampler from yamaha. It has so many features including a wave editor, sends, inserts, arpeggiator, effects, and more. This plugin works with all major DAWs and is easy to learn.


Download: https://www.tx16wx.com/


2. Bitsonic Keyzone Classic


This plugin is very special because it is the plugin you didn’t know you needed. We often overlook our piano patches. If you were to compare the piano samples on a korg keyboard to that of a yamaha or nord, you could hear a difference between the three. This difference is not a bad thing. However, one might work better for your patch. Perhaps, one piano sample might cut through the mix better. Maybe one fills the frequency spectrum better. In any case. It’s always a good idea to have multiple piano samples and be able to switch between them. This allows you to find the perfect piano sample for your patch. This plugin has 5 different piano sounds that are very high quality including a yamaha grand.


Download: http://www.bitsonic.eu/keyzoneclassic.html


3. DSK Darkness Theory 3


This plugin is very simple yet versatile. All patches offered by this plug in are string based. Most patches are very moody and ambiental which works great for worship. You are given many options to tweak your sound including LFOs, filters, and ADSR. With over 32 presets, one will work for you.


Download: http://www.dskmusic.com/dsk-darkness-theory-3/


4. VOS EpicVerb

This plugins is one of those effects you can’t live without. Reverb is that effect that can work wonders for your patches. It can give your patch a sense of space and in some cases life.This plugin only does one thing, reverb, but it does it well. I like epic verb a lot because it offers you studio quality sounds and settings. Use it on your next patch and make your sound even bigger.


Download: https://www.kvraudio.com/product/epicverb_by_variety_of_sound



Just like reverb, delay is a must. This delay is made by the same folks who created epicverb. That being said, this delay offers studio quality sounds and settings. You can create very amazing textures and effects with this plugin. Try combining it with epicverb and see your patches really come to life.


Download: https://www.kvraudio.com/product/nastydla-by-variety-of-sound

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