30 Tips Every Leader Needs To Hear

The greatest leaders are the ones that serve. A genuine leader is humble. They must become less in order for God to become greater (John 3:30). Leadership is seen as a position of power and authority. Real leaders come to realize that true power and authority belong to God.These 30 tips will help build you up. They are basic leadership guidelines to follow.


  1. Follow the 70, 20, 5 rule. Focus 70% on your strengths, 20% on your improvements, and 5% on your weaknesses
  2. Avoid distractions, temptations, and desires.
  3. Accept your mistakes and/or blame
  4. Learn, Live, Share rule. Learn the lesson, apply it to your life, share what you learned and/or experienced
  5. Be committed
  6. Avoid stress
  7. Be a guide
  8. Accept the truth
  9. Know the way
  10. Honor those you lead
  11. Model yourself after Jesus’ leadership
  12. Know your mission and vision
  13. Be a shepherd
  14. Speak the truth
  15. Stand between God and your people. You are a representative
  16. Stand on solid ground
  17. Do the right thing
  18. Avoid becoming a lousy leader
  19. Build credibility
  20. Build up other leaders
  21. Your leadership comes from the heart
  22. Maintain good values and a clean conscience
  23. Equip your people
  24. Use every resource available
  25. Know your purpose
  26. Use your gifts, talents, and strengths
  27. You are held accountable above everyone else
  28. Tame your tongue
  29. Learn how to confront
  30. Wait patiently


These 30 tips are a basic starting point to build up your leadership. They are meant to be applied to almost any type of leadership. Think about how you can apply these 30 points in your personal life.

Pray to God to help you apply these points in your life. Ask him to reveal which areas of your leadership need to be improved or worked on. Ask God to help you become the leader he wants you to be.


Jude 1:20

“But you, dear friends, by building yourselves up in your most holy faith and praying in the Holy Spirit,”


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