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12 O’clock

Guitar amplifiers are very different. Each amp is unique. They all have a sonic fingerprint. Every amp has a sweet spot. The sweet spot refers to the settings it best

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Songwriting Or Music Composition?

There is no right or wrong way to write a song, but it is easier to write lyrics when you already have your music as a reference. Songwriting is an

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Creation Inspires

Everything you see around you was created by God. He is the master builder. He is the inspiration of everything you see. He made mountains and trees. He made every

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God Is Forming The Cloud

God works in ways that we don’t understand. He does things that seem to have no logic or reason. Behind every action, there is a purpose. Everything that God does

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God Works The Unseen

Days will pass. Weeks will run by. Months will fly by. No matter how much time passes, God’s promise will be fulfilled. Sometimes God takes his time with us. We

Pad Section

Pads are great for worship. Pads and soft synths are commonly used in a lot of ambient music. Pads are soft undefined sounds that rise over time. Think of a

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Fade From Existence, Fade From Reality

There come moments in life where you feel overwhelmed. Stress has been building up. Everything seems to be breaking you. You start to overthink. You begin to over react. You

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Common Singer Mistakes

There are a lot of things singers do wrong when they are starting off. Most of these mistakes are accidentally made simply because the singer is unaware. They are very

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Build A Dream

People come and go all the time. I have worked with so many great musicians since I started The H.O.W (Heart Of Worship) Project. I lost a lot of great

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Success Is An Art

There are things that successful people do that most of us don’t. They tend to do things that help them become successful. They have really good habits that nurture success.