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Unlock The Secrets Of Your Dreams

Dreams can be very interesting. Sometimes we have amazing dreams that feel so real. Other times we have dreams we wish were real. We may also have terrifying dreams. Some

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You Remind God Of His Son

I have always wondered why God chose me. There are 7.5 billion people in the world and God picked me. Why? I pondered for sometime. I asked God this question.

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Over Thinking Will Make You Stall

How do you even find peace when your mind is constantly overthinking? I’m the type of person that will fight to see something all the way through. My mind has

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Cross Over Your Bridge

Cross the bridge. Get to the other side. If there is something you want, go and get it. Do not look below and let fear overwhelm you. Set your focus

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Silence Is An Answer

What do you do when God makes you a promise that has not materialized yet? What are you supposed to do when everything contradicts what God says will be? What

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Let God Lead You To Opened Doors

I remember when we first started this project we were all very excited. We all had ideas. We all had goals and dreams. We each had our own visions. But,

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Heed Not A Heavy Heart

A heavy heart is never an easy feeling to get over. Feeling heavy hearted is usually the result of a difficult situation or circumstance we don’t have control over. It

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Silence Is Paramount

There are times when God keeps silent. You pray to him and receive no answer. There are no words, or signs, or dreams. It can be hard to have faith

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Don’t Let Opportunities Pass You By

There are critical moments in our lives where the decision we make can affect the outcome of our future. Don’t let a big opportunity pass you by. Take advantage of

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Plan B Is Doubt Of Plan A

We grow up with people always telling us to have a backup plan. Backup plans are great because they provide a figurative safety net. If your plans don’t workout, at