Fade From Existence, Fade From Reality

Fade From Existence, Fade From Reality

There come moments in life where you feel overwhelmed. Stress has been building up. Everything seems to be breaking you. You start to overthink. You begin to over react. You get hit with every feeling and emotion simultaneously. The pressure is intense. It becomes so overbearing that you don’t even know how to respond. So you do what seems logical to you. You run away. You escape to your own little world. You create a bubble around yourself. You become passive. You give up. You lose control. You end up powerless. You face an obstacle that makes you feel small.


Avoiding reality can be healthy to an extent. Hiding behind your thoughts is like sitting out on the bench in a sport. You have time to think things through. Make a thorough analysis of your situation. Decide what you want to do next. When you are in your world, try to find inner peace. Look for a goal or a dream that you really believe in. Find something that you really want. Think of something you really love. Find something that will motivate you. Find encouragement. The best thing to do is to get away and look for God.


God holds the answer. Ultimately, he is in control of your situation. There is no situation that he can’t pull you out of. When you are facing great trials just as Job did, trust in God. Listen to God’s voice. God is telling you today right there where you stand, “I need you to really trust me right now.”


If you find yourself with nowhere to turn to, call out to God. The moment you feel the most pain, suffering, resistance, and opposition is the sign that you are about to pass to the promised land. Usually, after great challenges comes your blessing. Dont slip away. Dont stay in your comfort zone too long. Get out of it. Confront reality head on. You will get out of the desert faster. Hold on just a bit longer. It will be worth it in the end. The greater the challenge, the greater the blessing. Blessings do not come easy, but they are worth everything. God is with you and he will not let go of your hand. Trust in him. Don’t deceive yourself with false hopes and dreams. Believe in the one who is greater that the obstacle you face.


Pray to God and ask him to make a way for you. Ask him to turn your situation into a blessing. Put your faith in him and be patient. Your defeat is God’s greatest victory.


Jeremiah 32:27

“I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?”

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