You Remind God Of His Son

You Remind God Of His Son

I have always wondered why God chose me. There are 7.5 billion people in the world and God picked me. Why? I pondered for sometime. I asked God this question. He answered almost immediately. I Had this question in my mind for many years. God answered it the moment I asked.


When Jesus died on the cross, he gave up his spirit. When he gave up his spirit, we received it as a gift. Every time God looks at us, he sees the reflection of Jesus in us. Every time God turns to see our face, he sees his son shining through. God chose me because I reminded him of his son. We all have been chosen by God because we carry a little part of Jesus’ spirit.


God gave his son to save the world. But, he did it in such a way that we cannot say to him he doesn’t understand us. We cannot tell God he doesn’t care. We can’t tell God that we have nothing of value to offer him. We can’t say that we are worthless. Every time God looks at you, he sees more than what the human eye can see. He sees the son that once gave his life for you. That reflection constantly reminds God that you mean a lot to Jesus. He gave his life for you. He did it so he can serve as a Judge for you. He did it because he loved you. You are worth the blood of the son. God, the father paid the price for you. God chose you because you are his. You matter to God. More than you think.


When you pray to God, Give him thanks for paying the price for you. Thank him for giving up his spirit so that it may fill you. Pray to God and ask him to reveal how much you are worth if you feel worthless. God holds you very high. Always remember that.


Matthew 27:50


“And when Jesus had cried out again in a loud voice, he gave up his spirit.”

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