Who Are You?

Who Are You?

Who Are you? I refuse to believe that you are a pathetic excuse for a human life. As harsh as that may sound, there are actual people very close to us that believe they don’t belong. There are beautiful people that believe they will never matter to someone. They think they are worthless. They think less of themselves. They hear voices in their head. They enjoy self harm. They turn to physical pain because the emotional pain is unbearable. They hide their feelings. They build a brick wall so no one can get through. They are unstable. They have a dark past. They feel invisible. They feel trapped. They feel all kinds of things that no person should ever feel. The cruelty these people have endured is something we will never fully understand unless we live the same things. There is one person very close to me that has never seen happiness. Happiness does not exist for her. The one time she was happy, the world ripped it out of her life. She only knows pain and suffering. I wanted to write something that would give the world hope, but half way through this article I began to think of someone special whom I really love. (Please, if you are reading this, let me tell the world about you. The world needs to hear your story. You are the channel through which many will come to find themselves . . . Princess.) This is her story. Well, at least the parts of her story I can write about. For starters, she is a princess. She does not have a kingdom. She doesn’t even wear a crown of gold. She really deserves one. She is a princess because God said so. She is really beautiful. Her beauty cannot be compared to anything found here on Earth. There are people who have great smiles, but her smile is something else. When she smiles, she lights up so bright. She glows and brightens any room. Her eyes are magical too. You can see your reflection when she looks at you. She has big beautiful eyes that can look into the deepest part of your soul. She had the most amazing hair style. She changed it up so often, but all her different hair styles just accented her beauty. Her outside beauty does not come close to anything here on Earth. Her Inner beauty, now that can overwhelm the beauty of the universe itself. She had the biggest heart. I don’t even know how to explain the magnificence of her heart. There are no words that can be used to describe it. Her heart was literally shattered into pieces and somehow she managed to love like there is no tomorrow. You could feel the warmth and authenticity of her heart from the other side of the universe. Her love could of traveled oceans to find you. It could have broken all the barriers to reach you. She was capable of loving you the way Jesus loved people. She didn’t care who you were. She loved you because there is no one else like you. She really was that amazing. She is perfect. The world never saw the princess that I saw. People shut her down. They doubted her. I saw her dreams die and her light extinguish. The world didn’t like her because She was a princess of God. The world didn’t understand. They never bothered to even get to know her. She suffered greatly. She experienced the worst side of life. She began to believe that she wasn’t meant to love. She began to believe that happiness didn’t exist. She questioned God. She questioned love. She questioned herself. I could sit here all day and write an entire series about her life. I have so much to say with little time and not enough words.

I met her November 24, 2015. Ever since that day my entire life changed. She was the girl I have been searching for my entire life. I loved her, but she was afraid to get hurt. She was afraid because of her past. She was more than afraid. She was broken. I wanted to fix her. I believed that love was strong enough to rebuild the broken. I believed in her the way God believed in the world. I don’t know what happened, really. One day I was making her laugh and the next, I made her cry. She pushed me away without warning. Everything I had been working so hard to build and repair was gone in an instance. Most guys would’ve given up by now or wouldn’t even waste their time on someone who is broken. I did. I love her. I got to know her. I had so much time to think this through. I really wanted to fight for her at whatever cost. I made mistakes. I did not consider the consequences of all my actions. I tried to fix things. My intention was to love a broken princess the world needs right now. I had this wonderful dream I wanted to make a reality. I wanted to write the most beautiful song. I wanted to sing my heart out while she stood over the audience and invited God to come down and move. She is unaware that she has that ability. Her voice will open up the heavens and bring the spirit of God into the room. Where she sings, people will get healed and restored. I’m not going to lie. Things are not looking to good right now. All the odds are against me, but I keep believing. I wish I could make everything better, but i’m just one bad leader. When she stood by my side, I felt like nothing could get to me. I felt like she put an invisible force field around me that guarded me from the world. Nothing could hurt me. That’s how special she was. God gave me the greatest blessing of all time. The time came when I had to let her go. God had to pull us apart in order to build us up. He had to prepare us for the amazing future we will have. I trust God. I believe in him with all my heart. The world is still capable of loving. Faith is still found in the people who feel they are nothing. Every single person I encounter has an incredible story. Everyone is worth fighting for. I think she holds the key. I have seen her love the worst kinds of people with the humility of her big heart. She could start a movement of love and restoration. I wanted to build her up to that level. I wanted to give her everything God gave me so she could be herself. I wanted her to believe again. I wanted her to see the princess that I saw. But people are cruel and the world is cold.




Everyone is capable of loving or being loved. Everyone can believe. When you think that you don’t matter, always remember that someone cares. She is a princess and she doesn’t even realize that. She feels alone and lost. But I love her for who she is. I love her without a reason because in reality everything about her is my reason. she is herself. Yes, she is broken. Yes, She is lost. Yes, she is out of my reach. Yes, she is worth so much. But I love her. If I can love a broken princess and believe against all odds, then someone can love you.


Pray to God and ask him to build up the people that are capable of loving. Ask him to reveal the people that are able to believe against all odds. Pray to God and ask him to place leaders that will make a difference. Ask him to start a movement in the world, in the nations, in the cities, in your family, or in yourself.


1 Corinthians 13:13

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

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