How To Pull Off An Event For Your Church

How To Pull Off An Event For Your Church

Sometimes it is difficult to turn an idea into an event for your church. Most of the time the idea doesn’t make it to the planning process because we get discouraged by our own thoughts. We start to question everything. “Do we have enough money?” “What should the event be about?” “Would i even get permission to do this event?” “Is this what God wants?” What if people do not show up?” All these thoughts prevent us from doing something great.


Jump On Your Instinct.


If you had the idea in the first place, see that you go through with it. Most likely, God conceived it in your heart. Don’t be afraid. Trust your instincts. If God gave you the idea, then he will also give you the necessary tools to complete it. You have to trust God. Pray to him and ask him to reveal his instructions for this event. It is important to remember that the whole point of the event is, ultimately, to honor and worship God. Don’t make any decisions on your own without consulting with God.


Figure out the purpose


Once God confirms this event, it is paramount that you find out as much information as possible. What will the event be about? What is the purpose of this event? Where will this event take place? When will this event take place? Once these four questions are answered, you now have a guideline that you can follow. Knowing the answers to these four questions will help you plan the event according to your original idea. It will help you stay close to the intended goal and reduce the possibility of getting side tracked. Once you figure out the entire purpose of your event, stick close to it.


Surpass the obstacles of creating an event.

If you are a very creative person, creating the actual event will be easy and fun. Now, there is one question you have to keep in mind. How can the theme portray and compliment the purpose of the event? Planning events can be a little chaotic if you don’t stay organized. It is important to stand close to your original idea as mentioned before. With this in mind, try to figure out what theme fits your idea. If your purpose is to reach out to the youth, your theme should be youth related. You can decorate the church like a giant Facebook page with bible verses as Facebook post. Let’s say the purpose of the event was to reach out to people through sports. Your theme can be a mini basketball court. The idea is to decorate your location with something that promotes your overall purpose. Get creative. Don’t be afraid to try stuff out. Definitely do not get discouraged if some people shut down your idea. Sometimes events can get shut down because someone from the church is way to religious and assumes everything is bad. I have seen this happen before. A couple of months ago, my church youth group was preparing for a small youth event. They wanted to get everyone involved. It’s hard to involve all the youth. Sometimes it is difficult to get them engaged. So the youth leader had the idea to write a song and perform it in the church. The song was hip-hop. The youth loved the idea and worked really hard to write their own parts and memorize it. Unfortunately they had their excitement crushed because one single person felt that hip-hop is against God and not biblical. The person that crushed the excitement of the youth group ended up leaving that same week after they agreed not to do the event. That made the person look bad and it exposed their true colors. Unfortunately, that person did not read the part in the bible where it states that God is the creator of Earth and everything in it (Acts 17:24). God created music. The world twisted the good that God made. That is what we do as humans. We let the enemy influence us into destroying the beauty that God made. Angels use music to worship God in heaven day in and day out. We have been given the privilege of doing the same. Let all music be used to honor and worship God. The point of this testimony is to not be afraid of what people think. Im sure that you won’t face this kind of situation. In the event that you do, pray to God. It is important to understand that when God has a plan, nothing can get in the way of preventing his will. What God says, that will take place. God has the last word. So get creative. Try to make an event that stands out. Try to do something different. Do something fun. Do something that will engage your audience.




Make the decision to go through with your initial idea. Ask God for the instructions. Figure out the purpose of this event. Get creative and plan out a theme that will match your event. Do not get discouraged and trust in God. If you face any issues, remember to consult with God. God should be part of your event from start to finish.


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